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What is People of God? 

UPDATE: The Framework is now complete. Year 9 Unit 5 Islam framework has been uploaded to the website. We have also added some new videos to our Talking Heads section. Check them out here

People of God | Called to Serve is comprised of a nationally developed framework of Religious Education and a fully supported website of resources to deliver Religious Education within any environment.

This nationally developed framework is deliberately mapped against the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools and Colleges in England and Wales [2012] of the Bishops’ Department of Catholic Education and Formation. The brief given was to provide a framework that would guide teachers of varied experience in a diversity of schools. The purpose of this Framework is to provide the basis on which to develop Schemes of Work/Programmes of Study.

This website is a service that has a team of helpful staff who are on hand to assist with technical difficulties and support you in its use. Within the website, you will find a selection of resources ranging from images, videos and PowerPoints to interactive activities. Web links will be shared and added too. Helpful tutorials will allow you to recreate resources yourself. We know that every school is different and so we want to provide you with tools to create and recreate your own resources which will fit your Scheme of Work/Programme of Study and your style of teaching.

People of God | Called to Serve is an ongoing project that will build and develop as time goes on. As the project grows, all of your feedback will be incorporated into our development processes, meaning that you have the opportunity to have a real impact on the project as a whole. Use our online feedback and contact forms to let us know what is working for you and where improvements could be made.

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